Q1 Health is a CRM that solves business development needs unique to the healthcare industry. It is the only CRM built by healthcare providers for healthcare providers.

Boost Productivity

Q1 Health has a simple, easy-to-use interface that streamlines your contacts and client interactions.

Connect Anywhere

Your data is in the Q1 Health cloud so you stay connected whether you’re at the office or in the field.

Stay Informed

Q1 Health lets you monitor customer interactions across multiple organizations and users in real time.

Protect Your Data

Your sensitive data stays safe and secure thanks to 256-bit encryption and dedicated 24-7 support.

Spotlight Features

  • Clear Organization

    Create multiple provider locations or stand-alone business units and assign users to specific access levels.

  • Unlimited Accounts

    Generate unlimited accounts for each organization and view detailed customer interactions on each account.

  • Contacts

    Integrate your contacts and tag them to specific accounts so that all your contacts appear in one easy-to-access database in the cloud.

  • Activity Logs

    Record your interactions with accounts and contacts on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Use advanced filters to monitor client relationships.

  • Calendar

    Schedule appointments, follow-up calls, meetings, events and reminders and sync them with Outlook. Store critical documents for meetings in the cloud for access anywhere.

  • Expense Reporting

    Track your expenses and view expenses for each account or contact to maintain compliance with federal guidelines. Use Trip Tracker to map trips with multiple stops so you always have the correct mileage. For Enterprise users, Q1 Health can be integrated with your Accounts Payable or Accounting system to automate expense reporting.

  • Chat

    Chat in real time with your teammates and other Q1 Health users in your organization wherever you are.

  • Database Integrity

    Safeguard your data with audit trail reporting that monitors every keystroke entered into Q1 Health and offers the ability to correct any errors.

  • Customization

    Customize your Q1 Health experience using the admin panel. Contact us to integrate manual forms, such as patient assessments, intakes and questionnaires.


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Unlimited Activity Logs
Unlimited Appointments and Events
Expense Reporting
Export/Import Ability
24-7 Support
Customized Reporting
Back-End Integration  
Form Automation for Business Processes  
Dedicated Customer Relations and Product Expert  

*Enter credit card information to access Q1 Health. After one month, the plan will automatically shift from Trial to Standard. You may cancel at any time.

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